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Why Natural Soaps

Why Natural Soaps?

Does it really make a difference when we choose a natural soap product over a commercial brand?

I believe it does.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t bother.  This is the reason that Wilcox Natural Treasures exists. Several years ago I began to research and develop my own soap and skin care products drawing from the sea that surrounds Grand Manan island.  I was compelled to offer these products to others as well.

Handmade soaps are generally more expensive because they are more than a cleaning or cleansing product. They provide far more benefit when it comes to your health and well-being. 

Natural handmade soaps are … natural. They are made using a variety of sources, including organic ingredients. A natural soap is usually formed by combining plant-based oils and butters that are rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. These are the type of ingredients that your skin, hair and body need and will love.  Natural soaps can also be enriched with so many other incredibly good ingredients that come straight from the earth, like salts, clays, botanical extracts, essential oils, which have naturally occurring minerals and unique benefits.  People with skin sensitivities will especially see and feel the difference that using a natural soap can make.  With some many different options and combinations, whether organic or not, there is a perfect natural soap for everyone.

The underlying culture that goes into making handmade natural soap is different from commercial soap. It’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters when making natural soap. Small batches are made locally and with great care. There’s a reason why there aren’t any big-name natural soap companies out there. People who have a passion for making natural products consider it as a labor of love and not something they make just to profit. It’s an art that takes years to perfect.

Handmade natural soap is created following a saponification process which occurs when oils and fats are mixed with sodium hydroxide and water (known as lye). The end result is a safe and gentle product that’s perfect for the skin.