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Wilcox Natural Treasures

Beauty & Cosmetic Products

Made Only From Organic Materials

Making natural soaps and body products using essential oils since 1995. Come and see all the hand made products available at 20 King Street Seal Cove. Call 662-5762 to shop at your convience. All made on Grand Manan Island!

Look Younger 
With Our Skincare Products.

Wilcox Natural Treasures offers locally made gift items and products. Natural seaweed extracts are good for the skin.  This is the foundational ingredient in all our soaps and body products.  Come and see what the island offers. Call 662 5762 to book a shopping time convienent for you. 20 King Street Seal Cove.

Purchasing From WNT

Wilcox Natural Treasures is open by appointment. Just call 662-5762 to book a time that works for you. All kinds of all natural soaps and body products made on Grand Manan. 20 King Street Seal Cove.

If you see something on our website that you like or have used, we are happy to arrange payment and ship product to you.


Easy to Shop

Drop by, call or email us … use the contact form on our site.  We’ll get the product on the way.

Locally Produced

Honestly … it’s the best thing about our products.  We love discovering new ways to integrate our environment into yours. 

Good For Skin

There is no question that what comes from nature serves nature best.  We are forever learning and testing our products.

Our Jewellery ... Unique as our Island ...

Jewellery making became a part of our expanded product line and efforts.  Our jewellery profiles the nautical themes prevalent in the Grand Manan experience and lifestyle.  They are iconic, unique, individual representations of our island home.  We hope that they may provide you with a eepsake or a gift for a loved one … a gift that will anchor our community in your minds and hearts.